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The human brain is highly efficient. Consumers look for visual cues for familiar brands within a fraction of a second when shopping or experiencing ads. If your logo can’t be processed in that time, you’ve lost them.

Highly detailed blue hamburger restaurant menu. It has an x next to it.
Blue McDonald's logo with a check mark next to it.


Distinctive design is one of the most significant factors contributing to brand growth over time. When consumers recognize a brand, they are much more likely to buy it. However, if a brand looks the same as its competitors, recognition can’t happen. In that case, a generic-looking logo can actually do more harm than good by leading to brand confusion.

Generic swooshy person in motion logo with x next to it.
Blue Nike logo with check mark next to it.


Most trends fade. When they do, you might need an expensive and risky rebrand to keep up in 10 years. Avoid the headache down the road with a timeless logo now.

Pro tip: Stay away from gradients, line art, thin fonts, calligraphy, and anything on Canva, Fiverr, or Pinterest.

Sears logo rebrand from a few years ago. Gradient green house logo. It has an x next to it.
Blue Target logo with check mark next to it.


Apples have nothing to do with computers, shells are not associated with gas, peacocks don’t watch TV, and when was the last time you played dominos while ordering pizza?

These logos (and names) work because they have zero associations with their respective categories. This makes it virtually impossible for consumers to confuse them with competitors. Great logos don’t always have to be meaningless, but it certainly helps.

Tech Cube logo with lines and dots with x next to it.
Blue Apple logo with check mark next to it.
So Ours are too.
Before Bethlehem Logo. Blue background with gold circle and blue abstract letter B inside.
Logo for Nextstep, a catholic formation online resource. Blue background with the word nextstep in white. Next to it is a yellow step.
Ariel Toys Logo. Small white circle with yellow abstract leaves surrounding it. Against blue background.
Logo for Hello Holly Film Festival in red against white background. The logo is an abstract shape that resembles a face smiling with sunglasses on.
Logo for Zenith Bridal in skin tone  color with magenta background. The logo is the letter Z in a customized rounded version of Courage Font.
Logo for Kelvins Fast Food chain. blue background with letter K in cream in Harri Extra Bold font with a circle above indicating a degree symbol.
Lambda Athletic Wear logo in blue against yellow background. The logo mark looks like the letter A (the greek symbol for Lambda), except in the negative space is the letter L slanted.
Logo for Tandem Financial Services. Blue background with gold text. The letter D within the word Tandem has an arched stem extending to the letter m.
Townsend Dental logo in lime green against dark green background. The logo mark is the letter T in Museo 900 font.
Logo for Cinch Landscaping. Dark green background with the word Cinch in pink text in Gastromond Regular font. The letter "I" has an outlined circle above it.
Logo for crest Maternity. Green background with gold crescent-moon-like-shape.
Logo for Monsun. Cream background. The word Monsun is in dark blue with New Spirit Medium font. the u has an accent above it. The text has an orange circle behind the M.
Gumblebee Flower & Field Logo on pink background. Two lines that look like leaves spread out with a bee's stinger coming up from the middle.
Hydro Jewelry in dark green against yellow background. The Hydro logo spells out Hydro in all lower-case. The bottom of the text is cut out like a wave.
Logo for Beta Brewery. Pink background with black asterisk and words beta in white.
Praxi logo in yellow with green background. Praxi logo says Praxi but the P and I have rounded corners diagonally opposite one another.
Sienna Campgrounds logo. Purple background with yellow circle and gear inside.
Logo for Cosmic Cream. Blue background with pink astroid shape. Words Cosmic Cream are in  Chill Script Regular font.
Ovation Vineyards logo. Magenta background with yellow and white text. Ovation is in Megazoid font.
Logo for Alpine Maple Syrup. Blue background with gold text that reads Alpine in Confiteria Script font. Above words is a letter A that looks like a tree.
Logo for Artifex Branding. Black background with red outlined square interlocked with filled in red square. Text "Artifex" is in Geomanist Bold font.
Security company logo with red circle and what looks like a robotic eye in the negative space.


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