You need a brand that will cut through a crowded marketplace, look great in any context (digital and print), and seamlessly travel through time without becoming dated. That's a tall task. We can help!

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Title: How to design an iconic logo

When you look at the most iconic logos of all time, they share similar characteristics. They are distinctive (Nike), timeless (Target), simple (McDonald's), and often meaningless (Apple).  

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Woo Punch is a brand consultancy & design agency rooted in the science of how brands grow.

We specialize in brand design, advertisement consulting and creative direction, market research, ongoing brand growth consulting, and web design.

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Are you a fresh startup looking for investors? Building a side hustle? Just quit your job to start the business of your dreams? 

You'll need a distinctive identity and a comprehensive plan to grow your brand, rooted in the science of how brands grow.


Consumers will confuse you with your competitors with a generic (or trendy) brand identity or forget you exist.

Don't expect to become a household name on the shelf or in your advertising if you don't stand out in your category.


Have you been at this for a while? Have YouTube gurus and business school professors planted a rosy picture in your head about customer loyalty, target marketing, and differentiation, but it isn't getting you anywhere?

That's because they're wrong. So let us expose you to marketing science and free you from the matrix.



Most consumers are primarily irrational yet predictable. This doesn't make them idiots. On the contrary, it makes them efficient when making decisions that have little impact on their lives.

Informed by the fundamental principles of human decision-making and the empirical evidence of how brands grow over time, we help you leverage consumer behavior to increase your market share.

In the process, we help you cut through all the marketing myths on YouTube, MBA textbooks, and business blogs rooted in flawed research, intuition, and rhetoric.

The harsh reality about consumers (that we know from decades of brilliant observational marketing research) is that most don't have time to think about your brand in their busy lives.

They don't want to "engage" with you, don't have the energy to learn about what makes you different, and won't believe you when you try to champion the latest social cause (regardless of how genuine you are).

Assuming different is a waste of time, money, and creative resources.

At Woo Punch, we consider human nature and act accordingly. By helping you to stay humble as a business owner or marketer, consistent in your advertising, and patient with your business results, we help you grow your brand over the long haul.

Your customers won't know what hit them.


The advertising industry has shifted from consistency, clear branding, creativity, and mass reach to an unproven model of short-term thinking, subtle branding, rational or purpose-driven messages, and hyper-targeting.

We help you work with creative agencies to make sure your advertising budget isn't wasted on misguided advertising objectives that aren't proven to work.


Distinctive design helps consumers identify you as separate from your competitors, with as little mental involvement as possible.

Without it, consumers will get confused or ignore you altogether in buying situations. They don't have the time to think about which brand is which. Distinctive design makes it easier for them.

Brand design is not merely art. It's a science. We work with you to build a distinctive identity and help you measure that identity's effectiveness over time.


We want you to be equipped to know if we're the right fit as soon as possible.

No games or gimmicks. We don't hide our prices from you. Are we too expensive? We're open to negotiating. Too cheap? Again, we're open to negotiating... Don't know your budget yet? We're here when you're ready, but give us a call and we will try our best to offer some guidance.


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