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Tandem Financial logo in peach with blue background. The word "Tandem" is spelled out in Geomanist bold font. The letter d's stem is hooked and reaching beyond the letter to the end of the word.Tandem Financial logo in blue with peach background. The letter "d" (taken from the full word mark) is hooked and reaching to the right.Business card mockup of Tandem Financial. One has a letter d mark with arched stem (taken from the full word mark). The other has the full word mark. In the background is a pattern featuring the letter d mark.Desktop mockup of Tandem Financial.Phone mockup for Tandem Financial.Image featuring Tandem Financial services. 3 icons. One has a peach arched background with letter d and hooked stem (taken from the word mark logo) upside-down and with bar graphs coming out of it. Another has right-side-up d letter d mark with a pie chart coming from it. The 3rd has the letter d mark backwards with an umbrella.
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