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Brand Strategy

Brand strategists overcomplicate brand design.
The fundamentals are simple, even if the execution is challenging.

1. Design brand assets (logos, characters, jingles, taglines, etc.) that look and sound different from competitor assets.
2. Prominently display those assets on all touch points (packaging, advertising, online).
3. Test your brand assets to ensure fame and uniqueness among consumers.
4. Don't get bored with or hide your strongest brand assets. 

Other tactics (customer personas, color psychology, attributes, value propositions, purpose statements, focus groups, brain scans) offer convenient ways for strategists to charge more. However, most of these tactics are either unnecessary or dangerous.

We help you execute the nuances of brand design while keeping you focused on the fundamentals.

Brand Design

While our expertise lies in logo design, we go beyond. We collaborate with creative partners to craft a diverse range of brand assets—from captivating characters and memorable taglines to catchy jingles and distinctive sonic logos. Our comprehensive approach ensures that no aspect of your brand goes unnoticed.

And when it comes to logos, we don’t settle for mediocrity—we design iconic, timeless logos that stand out and stand the test of time. Our logos are simple, distinctive, timeless, and meaningless (when appropriate).


The human brain is highly efficient. Consumers look for visual cues for familiar brands within a fraction of a second when shopping or experiencing ads. If your logo can’t be processed in that time, you’ve lost them. Simple logos can also exist in small sizes without getting lost when customers are distracted or far away.

Generic burger logo with red x
McDonald's logo with checkmark


Distinctive design is one of the most significant factors contributing to brand growth over time. When consumers recognize a brand, they are much more likely to buy it. However, if a brand looks the same as its competitors, recognition can’t happen. In that case, a generic-looking logo can actually do more harm than good by leading to brand confusion.

Generic person running logo with red x
Nike logo with checkmark


Most trends fade. When they do, you might need an expensive and risky rebrand to keep up in 10 years. Avoid the headache down the road with a timeless logo now.

Pro tip: Stay away from gradients, line art, thin fonts, calligraphy, and much of the designs you might find on Canva, Fiverr, or Pinterest.

Sears logo with red x
Target logo with checkmark


Apples have nothing to do with computers, shells are not associated with gas, peacocks don’t watch TV, and when was the last time you played dominos while ordering pizza?

These logos (and names) work because they have zero associations with their respective categories. This makes it virtually impossible for consumers to confuse them with competitors. Great logos don’t always have to be meaningless, but it certainly helps.

Generic tech logo with red x
Apple logo with checkmark
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Name Strategy

Choosing the right brand name matters. As you look at major global brands, you’ll notice various naming approaches. Some use invented words (Google, Hulu), others combine existing ones (Netflix, Facebook), and some opt for descriptive names unrelated to their industry (Amazon, Apple). Then there are those named after founders (Ford, Johnson & Johnson).

Our role? We help you navigate this naming maze. Together, we’ll find a name that resonates and fuels your brand’s growth. We even meticulously research the USPTO trademark database to identify potential trademarks and vet available domain names rigorously before presenting any name options to you and your team.

Text: Perch
Category - Remodeling
Text: Zookeeper
Category - SAAS
Text: Gumblebee
Category - Flower Farm
Text: Snowbird
Category - Food Truck
Text: Siena
Category -  Coffee
Text: Cinch
Category - Landscaping
Text: Zenith
Category - Bridal
Text: Ariel
Category - Toys
Text: Hello Holly
Category - Film Festival
Title: Ready to Get started?

Whether you need a brand, a name, or simply want to chat, we’re all ears. Email us or book a free intro call—we’re here to help!

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Reasons to Chat:
• You are launching a new company or product and need a
name and/or a brand for your new venture.

• You are looking to strengthen your existing brand.

• You have questions about the effectiveness of your existing brand.

• You want to learn more about Woo Punch.

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