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Logo for Nextstep, a catholic formation online resource. Blue background with the word nextstep in white. Next to it is a yellow step.Image of iPhone and iPad mockups with Nextstep Branding and images of mountains.Nextstep Brand Architecture.
The step logo is repositioned to form 4 different subbrands for Nexstep.

The first shows the step logo angled like a mountain pointing up and it says "basecamp video series." The second has 2 step logo marks pointing to the right overlapping one another and it says "roadmap print materials." The 3rd has two step logos forming one shape like a mountain that says "sumit retreats." The final has 2 step logos pointing down overlapping one another resembling a heart and it says "getaway for couples."
Text that reads "Tap a logo to see it in action" with arrow pointing down
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