How an Insurance Company Wooed Me.

June 10, 2020

Have you ever come across a dating profile that looked so promising, you started thinking, "Could this be 'The One?'"

I did over the weekend while looking for renter's insurance...I'm about to move to a new city and into a beautiful new home, but my landlord informed me that she requires me to have renter's insurance. I like to save money, so this was a frustrating thought. It only added fuel to the fire to all my financial fears.

Hesitantly, my fiancé and I sat down to look for renter's insurance, dreading it the whole time. We blocked off up to an hour to look for the best deals, compare, and fill out all the information to secure our renter's insurance. Personally, when shopping, I like to Google "Best ________ under $____" when I do my research, but my fiancé likes to click on the ads at the top. She clicked on a site called website popped up and I knew instantly that I found "The One" renter's insurance agency...

The design was beautiful! Minimal, eye catching, great typography, a little fun, etc. In big bold letters read "Forget Everything You Know About Insurance." I don't know much, but I do know I find insurance to be boring, inconvenient, and costly. Are they saying they are cheap, interesting, and convenient? Right below, in their sub header, they answered my question. "Instant everything. Killer prices. Big heart." huh....

Below the headlines, was a big pink button that read "Check Our Prices" and a video below that. I turned to my fiancé with a big grin on my face, excited to both check their prices and watch their video. I was genuinely excited to research Lemonade as a potential renter's insurance option! So, we checked their prices and watched their video."Prices start at $5/mo. Their user interface was incredibly simple, personal, and intuitive. Finally, they donate your unclaimed money to a non-profit of your choice!

After customizing our plan, we settled on the $7/mo option in just under 5 minutes.I REPEAT! We got renter's insurance in 5 minutes!I'm not even going to consider another insurance agency. I was sold on the very first agency I checked out. That's the power of branding.

I want to spend the rest of my life creating brands like Lemonade. I was Lemonade's "The One." I hate adulting, I like to save money, and I want everything instantly. Lemonade built their "dating profile" (AKA, website) to catch me. They did. They courted me, we started "going steady," they proposed to me, and I committed. As long as their product matches their pretty face and their smooth talk, this relationship won't end in divorce.Let me help match you up with your "The One" (AKA, ideal customer) and hold onto them!

I help you to get to know your ideal customer through branding workshops, identity design, and messaging. Let's chat!


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