Austin Franke

Previous Work

I've worked as a designer, videographer, creative director, small business owner, business consultant, and writer. This has given me first hand experience relating to the needs of the business owners, supervisors, and creatives who use Basecamp and Hey.

I also look forward to weaving in the principles of Rework creatively throughout your tutorial videos.

My previous videos demonstrate my technical ability, my design work illustrates my use of design to create delightful experiences, my podcast appearances showcase my passion for healthy work culture, and my writing proves I can make complex information digestible and engaging.


Instructional Videos

Reach More Tutorial

The only tutorial video I made for the Evangelical Catholic.

Note: We created this video to help 80 year old luddites use Reach More. Our staff always got a kick out of the line, "Don't be alarmed. That's the system providing a visual marker the unit is complete." Somehow, this needed to be said.

Reach More Animated Promo Video.

I wrote the script, found the voice artist, designed every frame, pushed every keyframe around, and topped it off with the right music.

Nextstep Training Video

I directed the tone, found the location, shot the interviews, asked follow-up questions to get stronger sound bites from our subjects, and cut the interviews together to tell a cohesive story and get people crying (or laughing).

Promotional Videos

I was in complete control of these videos. I worked with our consultants to identify the right ministries to visit, conducted the interviews with my own questions, shot everything, selected the right clips, and edited it all together to weave a story.

General Promo
Archdiocese of Oklahoma City
Archdiocese of Cinncinati
Archdiocese of Philadelphia
Imperial Valley California

Bonus: Some Fun with Stock Footage

Brand Design

Web Design

Podcast Appearances

Let's Talk Branding
Audio Branding Part 1
Audio Branding Part 2
Love Line for Business
Solopreneur Success


A few things to note: 1) These are deep dives into why conventional branding and marketing wisdom is wrong, and the science that debunks popular theories. My writing for 37signals would be much more concise. 2) I am a firm believer in Deep Work, popularized by Cal Newport. I stopped packing my articles with keywords, and quit all social media for business early on, so that I could focus on delivering rare and important work. My articles are long and Google can't crawl the text within them. I don't care. I think they're more helpful than anything you will find on Hubspot.

Differentiate or Die - A takedown of the popular differentiation myth.
Super Bowl 2022: Winners and Losers - A breakdown of what goes into an effective ad, using this year's Super Bowl commercials as context.
Bias in Football and Marketing - An example of a long-form narrative article highlighting marketing biases we fall prey to, through the lens of a contrarian football coach.
Remember Beanie Babies? - A quick and fun narrative article emphasizing the importance of labels.
Bad Ad: "The Force" - A deep dive into why the most popular Super Bowl ad of all time, featuring a kid dressed up as Darth Vader, won its ad agency a bunch of awards, but didn't sell cars. Remember the ad? If so, take a second before reading the article to see if you remember the brand or car model being advertised.