Hey there,

I'm Austin Franke.

A man smiling in a business suit with cartoon stars and rubble over his head.

I'm the founder of my brand design consultancy, Woo Punch, and the former Media Specialist at the Evangelical Catholic.

I would love to discern whether I may be a good fit for the Associate Director of Digital Communication at the Archdiocese of Milwaukee.

Here are a few reasons why I believe it's worth your time considering my application.

1. Heart for Mission and Proven Media Skills

At the Evangelical Catholic, I formed college students as disciples and trained them to "go forth, and make disciples of all nations." My life turned around because my university peers taught me how to have a relationship with Jesus. It was a joy to share the same gift with others.

During my later years at the Evangelical Catholic, I helped expand our mission nationwide, heading up all our media efforts by creating promotional videos, social media campaigns, development brochures, and web content. When I started, we worked with three campus ministries; when I resigned, we had consulting contracts with over 100 campus and parish ministries across the country. Over those latter years, we brought in over $7.5 million in revenue—an increase of 37.5%.

Since starting my brand consultancy, I developed a brand and website* for a non-profit that forms new parents in their vocation, provides practical resources for pregnancy, birth, and beyond, and coaches parishes on creating a welcoming atmosphere for young families.

I believe in the power of media to evangelize the world both directly and indirectly as a tool for mission-driven organizations working to build the kingdom. I would bring over a decade of expertise in making the Church more "seeker-friendly" throughout Archdiocesan media efforts.

*This website is not finished yet. Some text contains placeholders.

2. Expertise in Marketing

Marketing and promotional materials must be fresh and distinctive to catch attention, and conventional wisdom must be continually disrupted for media to be effective. Countless marketing myths taught in business schools and purveyed on YouTube and in business magazines aren't supported by the empirical evidence on how for-profit and nonprofit organizations raise their profiles and grow.

For example, online advertising is not the magic pill the industry claims for three reasons:

• Online advertising is loaded with ad fraud.
• Customers and donors rarely engage with content unrelated to their personal lives.
• While online advertising is cheaper in the short-term than TV, radio, and out-of-home advertising (billboards, digital displays, etc.), in the long-term, the benefits of broad-reach advertising far outweigh the benefits of online advertising.

However, when budget constraints make broad-reach advertising channels impossible, the right strategy can make online advertising more effective. For example, instead of targeting narrow groups of people and prioritizing message content, it's better to aim for the broadest possible audience with consistent and distinctive branded design.  

I feel confident I will both be able to help make Archdiocesan marketing communications more effective and ensure that budgets won't be wasted on ineffective efforts.